The Red Pyramid

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  • Published : September 7, 2011
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The Red Pyramid

For my summer reading book I read The Red Pyramid by Rick Riordan. Before beginning I would like to note this book is based around Egyptian mythology. The story begins with the two main characters Carter and Sadie Kane who are visiting a British museum containing the Rosetta stone. they are with their father Julius Kane and suddenly while they are observing the Rosetta stone it opens a portal through to the place where the gods are and their dad gets sealed inside a coffin by a ancient evil god he accidentally released. Later they are at their grandparents home when the police show up and explain how they must leave the country by the next day or the police will take them. Then their uncle they didn't know about comes to take them back to his house to safety. While there they learn of many ancient and magical and strange things.

Their Uncle Amos Kane leaves to go do something important and after he leaves the house is under attack by servants of the evil god. than they call out for help and their cat turns into the Cat goddess Bast who saves them and then they all flee for right after the home is burnt to the ground by huge flames. Not to shortly after they are being chased again and running through the city going by foot and by car being chased by four of the evil gods servants. Then another evil god Serquet the scorpion goddess stops them before they reach their destination and fights Bast and the kids have to leave without her running into their destination.

When they reach the place they find another person who helps and protects them as they try to get to a portal. but before they make it there Serquet appears again and she fights with Zia Rashid who was leading them to the portal. They were beginning to lose and in a desperate attempt to escape they ran into the portal which lead to the house of life which would be safe for the time being. It was safe Because they are under the watch of powerful magicians and the portal...
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