The Red Cross

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  • Published : May 15, 2011
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The Red Cross

The Canadian government and individual Canadians are also frequent supporters of international aid initiatives to assist people in war torn or developing nations. Canada has also been a key endorser to many international treaties and plays a very important role in promoting positive change socially and physically. We all probably have heard about the Red Cross. Some of us might have seen it in action helping people in need all over the world. Red Cross is an international Organization, which is located in almost every country of the world. The Canadian Red Cross is a Canadian humanitarian charitable organization that has a made a goal to improve the lives of vulnerable people by mobilizing the power of humanity, not only in Canada but also around the world. The Canadian Red Cross provide a wide range of assistance to millions of people in Canada through health services, injury prevention, violence and abuse prevention, and by responding to and preparing for disasters. Doing this unites many different cultures to work together in the time of new challenges.

On a hot day in June, 1859, at the close of the battle of Solferino, fifteen thousand dead and wounded lay on the battle field. There were few surgeons, and many of the wounded died before they could receive medical attention. Henri Dunant, a young Swiss man that was travelling through the battle area, was appalled by the carnage and the cries of the wounded. He gathered a volunteer band of women from a nearby Italian village, and under his guidance and example, they nursed the wounded. The event sparked the beginning of The Red Cross Organization and the beginning of social change. Thanks to Dunant’s humanitarian concern, the Red Cross Treaty was adopted by fourteen nations at an international conference at Geneva in 1864, and was revised in 1906. It provides for the protection, in time of war, of relief societies to be organized in various nations. Social change is...
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