The Recruitment & Selection Process of the Canadian Armed Forces vs. Scotia Bank

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The Canadian Forces is a federally funded, crown organization in charge of our country’s defense and freedom (can add more detail for each organization. i.e. brief history). Scotiabank is one of the five largest financial institutions in Canada, and is a name many people recognize and trust. These two organizations are very different in many ways such as how they are managed, funded and even perceived. The goal of this report is to detail each organization’s recruitment and selection processes, and then compare them in terms of similarities and differences.

The Canadian Forces
The Canadian Forces use a variety of tools to attract and retain its members. In the eyes of the world and Canadians a like, the CF are portrayed as an efficient and effective group of professionals. They achieve this by demonstrating, professionalism, courage, honesty, loyalty and respect. Using employer branding as a recruitment tool they promote these core values and benefits to attract eligible Canadians.

Employer Branding:
The Canadian forces use employer branding to attract Canadians who are fit for duty. In doing this they have made available a wide array of benefits for their soon to be members. These benefits include training, health and dental care, vacation, pension, maternity leave, personal support, leisure time and moving cost. The CF also has in place a great education benefit program. This program offers paid tuition and books; in return they will expect that you serve 2 months for every month of education they have paid for. Many benefits in the personal support section are aimed at making the lives of military families easier. The CF understands that the loyalty and professionalism demonstrated by the member would not be made possible without the support of that member’s family. Offering benefits to the member’s family is crucial in retaining that member. The following is a list of benefits offered to family members: * Community orientation

* Low-cost access to outstanding sports and physical fitness facilities * Diverse mix of leisure activities
* Youth services and programs
* Child care facilities and emergency child care
* Second language training for spouses
* Employment assistance for spouses
* Relocation benefits and services, and cost-of-living differential allowances * Dependent education management program for families living abroad or moving to a different province * Domestic travel and family-care related benefits

* Morale and psychological support: Member Assistance Program, Operational Trauma and Stress Support Centre’s, family separation and reunion counseling, self-help groups * Financial services

The Recruitment process
The CF follows the same recruitment process as any other typical organization in Canada; they begin by determining the number of personnel needed in various trades (jobs) given the current economic and mission requirements. Once the number of required personnel has been passed down by the minister of national defense, positions are then posted on their website so that Canadian’s can view which jobs are available and which are highly in demand. The forces will then begin the recruitment campaigns using all of the AIDA criteria’s in order to maximize the campaigns effectiveness. These campaigns will emphasize the jobs that are currently in demand. They will go to schools, malls, and universities anywhere they may be able to find potential recruits. Also, using social media they will advertise the demand for certain trades as well run ads on television. Once they have spark attention with the use of AIDA. The forces website is very well designed, it is clear that they have invested a great amount of resources into designing a great user-friendly website in order to facilitate job browsing. They offer a Job browser in which you can select your job criteria’s and your education level, after doing so it will...
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