The Recruitment Process & Methods

Topics: Recruitment, Psychometrics, Test Pages: 12 (2465 words) Published: January 17, 2012
1. Introduction

The purpose of this academic assignment is to prepare a portfolio of documents that will illustrate examples of most effectively practiced recruitment methods. Several documents that best reflected efficient internal and external recruitment methods, productive interview design structures, useful tests used in the selection process of recruitment and effective induction procedures were compiled. The portfolio of documents will then be analyzed and examined so as to provide an in-depth understanding on the usefulness and importance of such recruitment methods on the recruitment process. Upon analysis and examination of the aforementioned documents, several suggestions to improve and enhance the already effective recruitment practices will be elaborated on. 2. Justifications

2.1. Effective Internal Recruitment Method
As shown in Appendix A, the selected example of an effective internal recruitment method is an internal job advertisement produced by the National Agricultural Marketing Council (NAMC) of South Africa. The advertised position is that of a finance officer. The chosen document is an effective practice of recruiting existing organizational members as the advertisement is published in a professional, credible and concise manner. Relevant details, such as necessary qualifications, responsibilities and expected salary of the vacant role are provided. Such opportunities for staff to progress within the organization are deemed as efficient as they are low-cost and can function as morale-boosters (Bambach, 2010). These internal recruitment practices also allow recruiters more reliable access to applicants’ skills and job suitability (Bambach, 2010). 2.2. Effective External Recruitment Method

Appendix B is an example of an effective external recruitment practice by the Australian National University (ANU). This method comes in the form of online job advertising. Online recruitment approaches are efficient, as they are economical and allow for wider media exposure (Bambach, 2010). The ANU advertisement is useful as an external recruitment tool as it is presented appealingly, professionally and in a detailed manner. The job description as Senior Planning Analyst has been clearly outlined. By recruiting externally, positive organizational change is encouraged, leading to a more dynamic team (Bambach, 2010).

2.3. Effective Interview Design
Appendix C is a suitable example of a productive and structured interview design. A panel of interviewers will complete the structured interview document shown. A structured interview is an effective method for screening job candidates as it provides interviewers with a consistent and objective format to abide by (Rynes, 1988). Appendix C also demonstrates effective questioning as open-ended questions are used (Barber, Hollenbeck, Tower & Phillips, 1994). Furthermore, Appendix C also utilizes the ‘funnelling approach’ by asking probing questions (Bambach, 2010). By doing so, a wider range of relevant topics may be covered with the interviewee. As seen in Appendix C, a reliable scoring format is provided. Grading interviews can further assist interviewers in objectively determining which applicant is most suitable for the position (Green, Alter & Carr, 1993). 2.4. Effective Tests Used for Selection Process

2.5. General Ability Tests
Appendix D displays a general ability test that measures a job applicant’s basic verbal, grammatical, spelling and written understanding and knowledge. Such general ability tests are helpful in the selection process of recruitment as it evaluates a candidate’s basic competency level (Jackson, Schuler & Werner, 2008). 2.6.Specific Aptitude Tests

Appendix E illustrates an effective aptitude assessment specific to electrical apprentices. The test includes basic verbal reasoning, mathemical reasoning, electrical theory and mechanical reasoning. Such profession-specific tests are useful in identifying areas an individual may lack...
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