The Reckoning

Topics: First-person narrative, Narrative, First person Pages: 3 (956 words) Published: June 9, 2012
Short stories often explore relationships of power. “Herbie” by Aboriginal writer Archie Weller and “The Reckoning” by Margaret Yorke are two short stories based on relationships of power set in country towns. Margaret Yorke writes about an elderly couple. In this story the husband is dominating () the wife and leads to the death of the couple. Archie Weller writes about an Aboriginal boy who is dominated by a group of school children which leads to the death of Herbie. Clear synopsis of both plots but don’t forget you have to STATE THE TOPIC: Short stories often explore relationships of power. I suggest you start with these words, Brett. The themes presented in these two stories include that racial discrimination is never acceptable, the abuse of power is wrong and domineering relationships often end in conflict. These are written in two different ways. Archie Weller writes his story using first person narrative point-of-view giving Davey Morgan’s naive account of the events that happened to Herbie using typical words and language that boys would use. Margaret Yorke writes her story using the traditional third person limited narrative point-of-view account of the couple through Ellen’s perspective. These stories have both been set in country towns. Archie Weller writes about an Aboriginal boy, one of two Aboriginal families living in town. Archie Weller gives a description of Herbie as being poor: “All Herbie wore, summer or winter, were a pair of dirty blue Levis and an old t-shirt”. Weller also describes his house as being a “Dark dirty house” with a “Rotten, grey doorway” He also describes the ute as “The battered old ute of many colours” and the old unused chook shed as ?. This gives the reader an insight into the type of underprivileged or poorlifestyle Describe it!that Herbie lives. Yorke writes about the elderly couple as a retired couple living in a country town. Yorke’s story of a domineering husband is of an elderly man named...
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