The Rebel Flag: Hate or Heritage

Topics: Southern United States, Flags of the Confederate States of America, Confederate States of America Pages: 6 (2311 words) Published: May 10, 2011
The Rebel Flag: Hate or Heritage
For many years now, the people who reside in the southern part of the United States have been in the heat of a major debate. This great argument is about whether or not the Confederate flag should be allowed to fly in public areas. Many people argue the rebel flag is a symbol of bigotry and racism in the United States. Others argue that the flag is a symbol of Southern pride and a sign of where we come from. The flags meaning is rooted deep in the history of our country. The rebel flag is a symbol of Southern heritage and is in no way, shape, or form a symbol of racism and hatred.

When the Confederate flag first came in to existence, it was used as a symbol of the thirteen states that broke away from the United States. The first flag of the Confederacy was flown on March 5, 1861. The designer of the flag was not even a southerner; it was designed by a Prussian artist named Nichola Marschall. This was the same man who designed the uniforms for the Confederate army. The first place that it was flown was the capital of the Confederacy, Montgomery, Alabama. The flag consists of a blue x, thirteen stars, and a red background. The stars symbolize the thirteen states that broke away. The x represents the division between the northern and southern states. The colors on the flag, which are the same on the American flag, are used to represent the pride that the Southerners had to be from the South. The flag was designed to represent a certain area of the world. It has nothing to do with racism or slavery.

Even to this day the Confederate flag is used all throughout the South. Some Southern state flags use the Confederate flag as a base for their flags; some even have a Confederate flag in the design. The state flag of Mississippi has Confederate flag in its design. The top right corner of the flag, where the stars would be on the American flag, there is the symbol of the Confederacy. Until the year 2001, the flag that represents the state of Georgia contained the rebel flag in its design. The design of the state flag of Alabama is very similar to the design of a Confederate flag. Their state flag has a white background with a red x going through the middle. In the states of Georgia, Louisiana, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Mississippi people can put the symbol for the Sons of Confederate Veterans on their vehicles license plates. The symbol consists of a Confederate flag with the words Sons of Confederate Veterans along the edges of the flag. In 1998, The North Carolina court upheld the decision to allow the Confederate flag to be allowed on the states license plates. Which noted: "We are aware of the sensitivity of many of our citizens to the display of the Confederate flag. Whether the display of the Confederate flag on state-issued license plates represents sound public policy is not an issue presented to this Court in this case. That is an issue for our General Assembly." Until the year 2000, the state capital building of South Carolina flew a Confederate flag. It came down and is now being flown next to the monument honoring the fallen Confederate soldiers. The Confederate flag still to this day is very prevalent in society today. It does not have to be encouraged; it just needs to be allowed.

In today’s world there are only a few people who use the flag as a way to show there intolerance for people who are of different races. The majority of those people are members of the Ku Klux Klan. Sadly these are the people who get the most publicity. This causes a sad stereotype of the people who fly the flag. This is very similar to the stereotype that all people who are Muslims are terrorists or that all people of Latin descent are illegal immigrants. The people who fly the flag for racial reasons only make up a very small percent of the people who fly the flag. To the Majority of the people who fly the flag it has nothing to do with racism or slavery. It represents...
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