The Reasons of Chinese Immigrated to the United States

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  • Published : December 6, 2010
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The Reasons of Chinese immigrated to the United States
Chen Zhang

The Reasons of Chinese immigrated to the United States
In China, since the reform and opening-up, there have been two waves of immigration in the last century late 70s and early 90s. With the advent of a new century, China’s economy has come into the phase of rapid development and its informatization construction has been developed at a high speed. Surprisingly, at that time, there is growing the third emigration which is a larger scale one. Among these immigrants, the professional elite and the proportion of affluent people increases year by year. Why do so many Chinese immigrate to US while China is growing fast and full of opportunities? That’s a very good question which might have thousands of answers from the Chinese immigrants. The present study surveys Chinese immigrants’ reasons and attitudes toward immigrate to the United States.

The interviews were requested to be completed by Chinese people I have met in the Chinese school in Edison and New Brunswick, people work in the Asian Cultural Center of NJ, and some of my friends in Montclair State University, Rutgers University and Fairleigh Dickenson University. I have totally interviewed 30 people included 5 people want to immigrate, 23 immigrants, 2 second-generation immigrants (American born Chinese).

Besides the basic information about ages, incomes, the questions included 1) When was your first come to the United States?
2) When did you immigrate?
3) Is there any family member immigrated with you?
4) Why you immigrated to the United States?
5) Why did you choose the United States?


First, people pursue the high quality of life and the high quality of experience. In this rapidly developing society, the pursuit of a high quality of life has become a demand of modern people. As economy is developing fast, people's living conditions have greatly improved. When people get a promotion, they want to move into bigger house and higher living conditions. Human desires are not always fulfilled. People are alive and never satisfied with the present condition. Especially, some successful young people prefer to choose one new life in order to pursue the high-quality experience. They want to challenge themselves in a totally different situation. “Life isn't about finding yourself, Life is about creating yourself!” said Lichun Zhang, 46. She is a reporter of one of the biggest Chinese newspaper in the USA. When she was in China, she was a manger of one famous company of Shanghai. For her dream, she left her native place. For this dream, she abandoned a lot such as her prestigious job and her comfortable life.

Second, the natural environment in United States is better than in China. During the rapid development of the global economy, natural resource encounters the over-limited exploitation that destroys the environmental balance. Some heavy industry cities have been serious polluted. Industrialization quickly affected local water and air quality around factories. We can see the big gap between the air quality in China and in some Western country such as the United State. A Chinese student studies in the Fairleigh Dickson University, Zerong Ding said that he likes this new life. He seems to live and study in a big forest park. On the contrary, there are varied and numerous of tall buildings around us. More and more buildings were constructed, less and less green space were damaged. The green space has a great function on adjusting and meliorating the urban climate system and on purifying the urban atmosphere. There are apparent differences in forest fragmentation and disturbance patterns between China and the USA in the current analysis. The possible underlying reasons responsible include differences in political systems, institutions, economy, and so on. (Li, Mao, Zhou, Vogelmann, Zhu,2010) Lawmaking in China did...
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