The Reasons for the Success of Zte

1. Introduction
2.1 Aim
Using the knowledge learned in Organisation and Behaviour, combined with information and research to identify reasons for the success of ZTE. 2.2 Scope
In the first stage of this report, the historical background of ZTE will be introduced. Secondly , compare zte and foxconn organizational and culture, next Introduced the culture and organizational structure's ZTE the relations and on the impact of the business, then talk the employees in zte behavior and leadership styles, Introduces the principle in the application of maslow's resurgence , in the end , Summarize the influence of some factors of zte development.

1.3 Background
ZTE Corporation is China's largest listed telecommunications manufacturer and wireless solutions provider.Founded in 1985, ZTE Corporation has been listed as an A-Share company on Shenzhen Stock Exchange since 1997. As the pioneer of China's telecommunications equipment manufacturing industry, ZTE Corporation is a comprehensive provider of telecommunications equipment, mobile terminals and services. With its three product series, i.e. wireless, network and terminal (mobile phone), ZTE is capable of providing global customers with diversified integrated telecommunications networking solutions and a wide range of professional services on a 24×7 basis, and has been involved in the market of international telecommunications operation services. To date, ZTE has been the only Chinese vendor with complete package of independently developed base stations and switching systems with self-owned brands. By now ZTE is the only Chinese mobile phone manufacturer that provides products of the three systems, i.e. GSM, CDMA and PHS. In a bid to grasp key technologies in mobile phone R&D, ZTE has independent intellectual properties to all the core software, hardware circuits, core chips and overall design & integration. ZTE invests nearly 10% of its annual sales income into research and development. It has set up a complete human resources management system from recruitment, training and appointment to incentive advancement. ZTE has 21,000 employees, of which 70% hold a bachelor or higher degree. ZTE Corporation was accredited as "China's Top 10 Listed Companies", consecutively listed among the "Top 50 Listed Companies with the Greatest Growth Potential in China Securities and Asia Business" for 4 years and the "Best 10 Employers in China's IT Industry".

2. Compare and contrast different structure and culture
Organizational structure and culture play crucial roles in the company’s growth and survival. There are two companies in structure and cultural differences.


Finger 1 Company logo

2.1 The organizational structure of ZTE

General Manager

Sales system


Logistics Dept
* DD Department


Product A

Product B

Product C

Finger 2 ZTE Organization structure

2.2 Culture of ZTE

▪ Honesty culture: sincerity is zte's success of smee, zte person the first rule of action. also includes the enterprise personnel between respect and trust. For example, in management, ZTE has created the culture of "full authority" to authorize the team to success. Trust each employee is to work the initiative to employees to facilitate their employees to create business interests, The identity of managers at all levels was the coach, guidance and help employees achieve work objectives. Inconsistent views on the lower level, the company stressed that a consensus through communication, communication is required to listen to as a basis of equality, open mind, and to report lower levels could leapfrog, and the superior general does not allow leapfrog command. At the same time on employees' respect also reflected in reward.

▪ Customer culture: customer oriented, consistently...
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