The Reasoning Behind Serial Killers

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  • Published : December 7, 2008
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{text:bookmark-start} The Reasoning behind Serial Killers {text:bookmark-end} A serial killer is a person whom has killed at least three or more people over a period of time. This time period could be weeks, months, or even years. Condemning a serial killer for his or hers heinous crimes is easy for a person to do, However; one must take into consideration that nearly all serial killers were at some point victims of crimes themselves, whether it be from family or environment. We all know about famous serial killers throughout history. We may not know their stories, their cases, their lives, or how he, or she got to where they ended up but we certainly recognize their names. Serial killers are a different kind of person. They are not “just” a murderer or a kidnapper or a rapist… they have committed these crimes numerous times. Over 90% of serial killers are white males between the ages of 25 and 35. Most have high IQ’s but still do poor in school. Many come from unstable homes and are usually abused as children. Most serial killers start out at a young age by killing small animals. {text:bookmark-start} (Keppel and Birnes, 2000) {text:bookmark-end} Serial killers usually do not kill for reasons like love, money or revenge and most of their victim’s are strangers. There are four types of serial killers. The first type is the thrill oriented motive type. This type of serial killer kills for the thrill or high they experience when they are killing their victim’s. The second type of serial killer is the lust killer. This type of killer enjoys torturing, raping and mutilating their victim’s. Making his, or her victim’s suffer gives this type of serial killer pleasure. The third type of serial killer is the missionary oriented type. This type of killer kills people he, or she believe, are unacceptable or unproductive to society. The fourth type of serial killer is the visionary motive type. This type of serial killer is psychotic or insane. They hear voices that they claim tell them to kill people. The fifth type of serial killer is the power seekers. This type of serial killer kills to gain control over others. Most serial killers choose victim’s who they feel are vulnerable and unable to defend themselves such as women, the elderly, or children. They also pick victim’s they believe no one will miss such as hitchhikers, prostitutes or homosexuals. Some serial killers will choose their victim’s by the color of their hair or their physical build. Serial killers are hard to detect. They can be male or female, bankers, doctors, nurses, lawyers, or the person next door. One can not tell by looking at them who are serial killers. By appearance most serial killers lead normal lives. He, or she will hold down jobs, have families, go to school and even attend church. After committing these murders the serial killer need to decide what to do with the remains. Some will leave his, or her victim’s where the crime was committed. The “Boston Strangler” would tie a large bow around his victim’s neck as if he was wrapping up a present for the police. Ted Bundy and the Green River killer would dump bodies out in the open for, anyone to see. Some would bury his, or her victim’s in shallow graves or throws leaves over them making him, or her harder to find. Some serial killers would even stuff their victim’s in the crawl space of his, or her home. Others are even more gruesome. To get rid of the remains he, or she would chop the victim’s up and feed them to other animals or would flush the remains down the toilet. There are some serial killers who would eat his, or her victim’s remains to get rid of them. Then there are others who keep the remains of their victim’s as a reminder of the crime. The longer it takes to catch a serial killer the better he, or she becomes at disposing of the victim’s remains. The most unlikely serial killers are doctors and nurses. Jack the Ripper who is thought to be the most famous serial killer of prostitutes...
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