The Reality of Jane Eyre

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  • Published : March 1, 2009
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The Reality of Jane Eyre Oftentimes, authors use writing to live outside of their means or to fantasize about what could have been had they made a different crucial life decision. Creativity is considered to be a strong attribute for a writer to posses. In stark contrast to this, however, many of the most celebrated works in literature have not come from the depths of imagination, but rather from the worn pages of a personal diary. A title such as The Diary of Anne Frank is on one end of the spectrum, while Jane Eyre resides on the other. Certain books stay the direct course and are like a mirror of their author, while others only have a transient similarity. Some authors even have their near biography published under a false name, or pseudonym. The reason then, cannot be only for fame and pride, but for a more meaningful venture. The story of Jane Eyre that has captivated millions, (and imprisoned several times that many), is simply the story of a plain English Woman, with some 19th century special effects added. Apparent similarities are the years of primary education, the time spent working as a governess, and the romantic male figure prominent in the lives of both Bronte and Eyre. That said; it is useful to understand that principles are applied in the novel rather than methods of Charlotte Bronte’s own life which bring about this vivid and compelling piece of literature. For Charlotte, the loss of a parent at five years old translated to Jane being an orphan. When Charlotte was only eight years old, she resided with her three sisters at Cowan Bridge, a school for the daughters of clergymen. This was a move of desperation, and not something that their father necessarily wanted for his daughters. A desperate situation had been created because of his inability to remarry. His sister did come to provide some relief, but evidentially, that was only a temporary arrangement. Fathers worst fears were realized when a real epidemic killed two once real siblings of...
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