The Reality of Fantasy in the World of Ofelia

Topics: Pan's Labyrinth, Family, Magic Pages: 4 (1623 words) Published: November 22, 2011
The Reality of Fantasy in the World of Ofelia
In the movie Pan’s Labyrinth a little girl named Ofelia lives through a war but it’s not just a war to her because she’s experiencing things that other people might consider to be a complete fantasy. She talks to a monster like creature that just seems to be taking advantage of her throughout the whole movie and claims to be helping her. This creature gives Ofelia tasks and if she completes them she would become a princess elsewhere. In the end it seems like she died but re-enters a new world filled with happiness, greatness, and becomes a princess according to her. Ofelia’s other world seems to be a fantasy or a pigment of her imagination and this is true. Ofelia is imagining all of the creatures and the tasks in her mind and all of the fantasies distract her from the horrible world she’s already living in.

Ofelia’s mom gives her a book full of fairy tales and she reads it and starts living it out in real life. A strange creature which is the Faun suddenly appears in her room claiming that she could become a princess if she completes some tasks that he would assign to her. The Faun seems to be like a half goat half human and it is a very creepy looking creature. He gives her magical chalk to make a magical door on the stone wall and it actually works. The door opens and she enters a medieval styled hallway which leads to a long table with a feast on it. The half goat creature had told her to not indulge in any of the food that would be on the table but since she hadn’t had dinner yet she decides to take a bite out of a grape. At the end of the table there’s another creature that looks like a mix between a ghost and a mummy. This creature is the Pale Man and was completely still until Ofelia took the bite out of the grape and then it didn’t take it very well. It got up from the table and chased after Ofelia as if it wanted to harm her but she escaped from it by drawing another magical door on the roof...
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