The Real World

Topics: Employment, Self-employment, Full-time Pages: 2 (743 words) Published: March 3, 2013
The real world
By Roschelle Aguiling

You cannot have the best of both worlds. This is a quote that my economics teacher told in one of his discussion. That’s true, everything is limited and insufficient that is why we should maximize everything that comes on our way.

In this speech, I will discuss and inform everyone how you will economize your abilities, knowledge and time in choosing your career path.
After we’ve graduated in college we usually tend to look for a job and be employed. Employment is merely the state of being employed, and that is the common tendency of a person who had been finished studying. You will apply in a certain company and position you desire the most, the company will screen your capabilities and qualification for the position that you’re applying to, if you pass, then, you will be employed. That is the process of employment. When you are already employed, you will get benefits and compensation that the company offers in exchange of your service to them. Many employed people earn minimum salary rate, this are for lower management employee but everyone will have a chance to be promoted on higher position. Promotion will be measured to your performance towards work, and once you get promoted, your salary will also increase.

That is the reality in the employment world.

On the other hand is the self- employment. It is working for one’s self; this may refer to business created by private individuals and individuals working on different company to gain bigger income, that state is called ‘part time job’ you are employed but just a period of time. That is the sense behind the self-employment. Base on the research that I made, more than 80% of people throughout history were self-employed and the remaining 20% are industrial business who hired people to be part of their company. Generally speaking, self-employment is pursued by people who’d been eyeing for greater profit to earn. They just invest a certain capital that will...
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