The Real Monster in Frankenstein

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  • Published : October 1, 2012
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The Real Monster in Frankenstein
The passage at the beginning of chapter nine in Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein summarizes Victor Frankenstein’s thoughts on the monster he created two years earlier. The text paints a horrific picture of a creature created by Victor that has escaped and is out committing crime and destruction. The point of the passage is for Victor to describe the monster and its effects on his life in attempt to gain sympathy from the audience, but the reader must also note the monstrous qualities that come out in Victor. Although Victor tries to gain sympathy by sharing his feelings and descriptions, the passage causes readers to view Victor as the actual monster in the novel because of his monstrous qualities and thoughts that he himself brings to life. The text in this passage is meant to make the reader feel sorry for Victor about the suffering he is experiencing due to his creation. The text speaks of Victor’s “miserable reflections” as he sits alone in the boat. This paints the picture of a lonesome and guilty man sailing alone with his dismal thoughts. The text explains that Victor sometimes even “wept” and wished he could feel “peace” again, but knows this isn’t possible. Victor lost a family member and friend because of his creation, and he realizes that he will never return to his old life of peace and enjoyment. Victor even contemplates “plunging into the silent lake” in hopes that he will drown away his memories. The readers are meant to see that Victor is so distraught over his mistake that he considers taking his own life. These parts of the text make Victor look like the victim, whom deserves the readers’ sympathy. However, the reader soon learns through this passage that Victor is not a victim, but rather he is a monster himself. Everything that is happening is ultimately his fault, and he realizes this. When Victor says, “the fiend that I had let loose among them,” he admits that his creation is a monster running free amongst...
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