The Real Meaning of the Gifts Given by 3 Kings to Jesus

Topics: Jesus, Biblical Magi, Frankincense Pages: 2 (528 words) Published: March 3, 2013
The Real Meaning of the Gifts given by 3 Kings to Jesus
People of different religions, races, ages and professions have varied impressions on the impact of the visit of the wise men to Bethlehem in Judea when Jesus was born.  For thousands of years now, people have wondered how many of the wise men from the east went to visit Jesus upon His birth.  Also, people’s curiosity as to the rank and position of the wise men is a never ending story.  Presumably because the gifts of the wise men were gold, frankincense and myrrh, the prevailing speculation has always been that there were 3 men of noble bearing, possibly kings in their own rights. Thus, we celebrate Three Kings in commemoration of the visit of the wise men to Jesus during His birth.  The long held presumption that the wise men who visited Jesus were kings is a mute testimony of the esteem and regard of people for the event that has been recorded in the Holy Bible. Today, whenever we commemorate the visit of the wise men, now popularly termed as the Three Kings, people are once again reminded of the biblical message of giving and sharing.  The Holy Bible clearly and simply states that our Lord loves a cheerful giver, and that we will always be rich enough to be generous. The valuable gifts humbly brought by the 3 kings to infant Jesus after enduring a long journey are symbolic of the gifts that we are endowed with.  Let us always remember that life is the most valuable gift our Lord gave us.  In return, we should spend the life giving glory, honor and worship to Him, as well as sharing our blessings with other people. All of us have been endowed with special gifts from God.  While we may not all be materially rich, we may have other talents.  We may be good in giving comfort to other people who need to be comforted.  We may have special skills as teachers to train and inspire others to be future God-fearing leaders and law-abiding citizens of the country.  We may be good preachers with great abilities to...
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