The Real Inspector Hound: a Discourse of Postmodernism

Topics: Postmodernism, Modernism, Postmodern philosophy Pages: 3 (819 words) Published: March 8, 2008
The Real Inspector Hound: A discourse of postmodernism
In this essay we will try to explain why The Real Inspector Hound is a Postmodernist play. To do this First we must decide on what Postmodernism actually is. As many critics have written many definitions on this subject overlapping and contradicting each other it is hard to find a single definition of postmodernism. So first to embark on this journey, we are going to find and state a single definition of postmodernism and afterwards we shall apply this to The Real Inspector Hound.

What is postmodernism? As Robert Struble Jr. states in the introduction to his book Treatise to Twelve Lights "The postmodernist worldview dismisses all forms of absolutism from eras past, especially Judeo-Christian faith and morals; yet the postmodernists idolize absolutely their new secular trinity of tolerance–diversity–choice." (Struble). As stated before, many critics have different views of postmodernism. One of the most famous critics, David Lodge, has stated a guideline for postmodernist discernment. David Lodge, writing about postmodern fiction identifies five basic postmodern characteristics as contradiction, discontinuity, randomness, excess and short circuit. Educational technologists may initially react to the considering such characteristics within instructional design. Indeed, it might be argued that the five represent the antithesis of a well thought out instructional design system. For an instructional system to tolerate characteristics of contradiction, discontinuity, randomness, excess and short circuit is certainly not a traditional view. So let's take David Lodge's characteristics as a standard and elaborate on those while comparing them to The Real Inspector Hound.

Contradiction: Contradiction in postmodernism is mainly between what's being said and what's being intended. An ‘hit you in the head'-obvious example, when one thinks about it, is the Title of the story. "the real inspector Hound" isn't even the...
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