The Raven vs Lenore

Topics: Greek mythology, Apollo, Edgar Allan Poe Pages: 2 (575 words) Published: February 9, 2011
Raven vs. Lenore
when the writer talks about Lenore he makes her seem like a god like person. She is like untouchable almost. The writer seems to have had a bond with Lenore, almost as if she was his wife. Lenore in the poem is portrayed as a person who couldn’t do any wrong and was perfect. The writer never talks bad about Lenore. All he talks about when talking about her is her memory and how she was so perfect. The way the writer talks about the raven is a complete 180. The writer goes from talking about the raven as good luck in the beginning to being a bad omen and being the devil. What makes me think this is line "prophet!" said I "thing of evil! Prophet still if bird or devil”. This makes me think that the writer doesn’t like the bird and wants him gone. The thing that makes the writer think that the bird is a bad omen is when the bird flies on the statue. The writer says that he can smell the smell of incense like if he’s at some ones funeral. Overall the raven and Lenore are talked about the same at the beginning of the poem. As the poem goes on the writer realizes that the bird is the devil and is bad. The writer talks about the raven he makes him seem like a bad spirit that is bringing bad spirits into his house. In my opinion Lenore is talked about the total opposite of the raven. Overall the Lenore is good and pure and the raven is bad and evil.

Dominic Maldonado
What is a Raven?
In the Inuit (Eskimo) religion the raven made the world. The raven is considered a bird and god with a man inside of him. They believe that after the raven made the earth he wanted to stay on earth. They also thought that even though he made the world he didn’t know everything about it. They also believe that the raven liked to paddle his boat into the ocean. They believed that the raven would always stay on earth as long as we cared for one another, and understood that everything lives and dies, and has a sole. page 1 story 1...
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