The Raven; Grief

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  • Published : September 24, 2008
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“The Raven”
Conspiracy, unkindness, and death are a few words associated with one of the most popular birds in the world. The raven is commonly seen in works of art, literature, and movies to set the tone or scenario for things that are coming next. In Poe’s, “The Raven”, the ebony bird symbolizes grief upon the man who is trying to forget his recent lost love, Lenore. The raven represents loneliness, void, and demise from the moment he tapped on the window until the bird spoke for the last time.

The worst feeling a person can experience in a lifetime is cooping with the loss of a loved one. While the unknown author was reading stories in remembrance and recognition of his former partner, he was all alone trying to let the memories of his undying devotion he shared for Lenore go. Once the author heard the tapping at the door his became excited, until he noticed nobody was there. At that moment he looked out into the dark, cold, and gloomy December night and it made him feel that sense of emptiness all over again. His mournful state of mind was combined with his never ending remembrance of Lenore. As he turned and heard the tap once more he became excited again, for this time he knew somebody was there for him. The loneliness feeling began to drift away as the raven came into the room. The author once again had a new friend that made him no longer feel lonely until he realized that the raven is only going to end up leaving just like everyone else in his life had, which than brought him down once again.

The other symbol that correlates the raven with grief is it represents void. Void is a widely used term for an emptiness inside of a persons emotional being. The raven is a reminder of the void that is inside of the narrators heart. When the bird continuously repeats “Nevermore” over and over hit simply reminds the man how empty he is on the inside. The hollow and no remorse feelings the raven has shows a complete disregard for the care or compassion. As the...
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