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The Raven

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The Raven by Edgar Allan Poe, is the story of an old widowed man who lives alone and unhappy. The story begins with the old man on the brink of sleep, which make it uncertain to us readers if he is awake or not throughout the rest of the poem. He is sitting thinking about the wife he lost, Lenore, when he thinks he hears a knock at the door. When he goes to find out who is there, nothing is to be seen. He walked back into what once was his humble abode and opened a window to let in a light breeze. In flew a raven. Now this type of thing doesn’t happen everyday so it of course startled the man. The raven finds its place on a statue above a door. Who was this raven and what did he want with the old man. The man calmed and calls out to the raven “Tell me what thy lordly name is on the Night's Plutonian shore!” We slowly begin to see that our speaker really isn’t all there anymore and may be heading down the senile route. The raven surprisingly replies to the man with the word “Nevermore”. This single word is the only one the raven speaks. Just as the old man begins to give up hope and toss the idea of the raven into the same pile as the other friends he has had down the road, whom also left him, the raven speaks again. “Nevermore”. The man searches for some sort of explanation in the startled state that he remains. He wheels his seat in front of the bird as he seems to have taken a fancy to it. But again the old man falls deep into his sorrow for the lost love Lenore, and is again in his depressed state. The old man is angry at the bird and getting frustrated with his one word answers. He asks questions upon questions just hoping for something different or for some kind of explanation for this absurd behaviour, but he gets nothing in return, only the same old word that he has heard too many times. “Nevermore”. At the end of the poem things turn drastically for the worst as the times flies by and we are put in the present day. The old man has turned into what we can...

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