The Rape of Europa

Topics: Babylon, Babylonia, Europe Pages: 2 (636 words) Published: August 27, 2012
The Rape of Europa

Culture is the total of the inherited ideas, values, beliefs, and knowledge which constitute the shared basis of social action. Every society across the world has adopted or created some sort of cultural heritage which they follow. Over centuries in Europe, several great empires have attempted to unite the European nations together leaving behind ruins of once gleaming cities. Could culture survive however if all pieces of artwork and historic architecture were obliterated by war? This culture may not be widely practiced but it will not be lost, having artwork and architecture simply enhance the cultural acceptance. Easily seen through the resurrecting of Babylonian structure in Germany today, the ancient culture in straying from God’s way and believing man is above God is becoming more apparent across Germany and much of Europe.

Culture could very well be lost over time without artwork or architecture but how long would this take? The Babylonian empire, known in Biblical text, exemplified the epitome of thoughts today that man is more powerful than God. This idea was not simply thought of in the recent years but centuries and centuries ago. The culture slowly weaned over hundreds of years but not forgotten. Having no artwork or architecture significant to the culture, popularity and widespread acceptance were low or seen less of. With an interested Germany, they began excavating ruins and artifacts from the original Babylon and transplanting them in Berlin. As a result, thousands of people visit these sites in same thought as those did hundreds of years before.

Located in Strasburg, Germany is the European Nations gathering centers is constructed in quite a particular way. Viewed from the outside, one can see that the shape of the building directly imitates the unfinished tower of Babel, even showing mock scaffolding on the side. Once trying to unite the European nations, Babylon was struck down by God in anguish. For centuries after...
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