The Raisin in the Sun

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The Raisin In Sun Movie And Book Compare And Contrast

The adaptation of A Raisin In the Sun from the book to the movie was quite good. The plot of the movie stuck to the plot of a book. To me it still wasn’t exactly like the book.

The actors in the movie were not well cast in my opinion because Benetha and Asagai looked nothing like a college student to me. A college student is around the age of 20. Asagai is seems so much older to me because he has that old voice which is scratchy. Another person who is not well cast is Travis because he always seems so happy and in those days a kid at the time was not too thrilled with his life because a lot of people were racist during that period of time.

I was never satisfied with the scenery in this movie. I thought that the house would look horrible from the roaches and the rats but to me it was very clean. Also in the book when they were cleaning the house they said it would be messy so they did want any visitors. But it was clean and Travis didn’t even use the roach spray he used in the book.

The Films attempt at artistic license is bad because it gives more detail to the movie. For instance the movie shows where Walter always drinks while in the book it shows him leave and comes back. They also show what the bar looks like and the name of it.

Overall, I think there were some parts that captured what the book was trying to tell me but there were other parts that were not put together very well. I think that the movie could have put a little more work in the product to capture the true meaning of the book.
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