The Raisen

Raisin (musical), A Raisin in the Sun

lorean martin

English 11

Second semester


A Raisin in the Sun Essay Prompt

Have you had any dreams you would wish had come true? Well in some occasions dreams will be deferred or come true, like a raisin in the sun. I have read a book called A Raisin in the sun by Lorraine Hansberry. In this play Walter feels he is like less of a man, because he's in around his thirties and can still barely provide for his family, and wants to look for another job that will be better for him and his family. Lena is mostly dedicated to her family to which she takes care of Beneath, Walter, Travis, and Ruth, and wants the best for them. Beneath is a very good person, who really seeks to get the education to becoming a doctor out of her desire to help people, and all her family work hard to help her follow her dreams. Ruth is mostly the housewife; she works also to maintain her own household. Raisin in the sun is about dreams deferred. Mama, Walter, Beneath, Ruth each has dreams the drive the plot of the play, unfortunately only one dream is realized.

Walter Lee is a desperate, passionate, ambitious man, bursting with the energy of his dreams. Walter wanted to invest a business into buying a liquor store, in which he thinks will solve all of his economic and social problems. He believes that through his business idea, he will suddenly accumulate all the money he will ever need. And will soon be a very happy man and make his family proud of him. Here are some quotations from Walter says in order from his life and investing the liquor store: “I feel that there are better things in life for me.” “I open and close doors all day long, I drive around in a limousine and say "Yes, Sir; No, Sir; Very good Sir; Shall I take the drive Sir," I feel this ain't no kind of job for me.” Walter’s dream at first was postponed because he was going to invest money that his mom gave him. So the guy to whom he gave the money took off with all the money he gave him, and so the...
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