The Rainy Season of Bangladesh

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The Rainy Season In Bangladesh
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By Moktadir

Muddy Road


Dirty water
The Rainy season is one of the six seasons. It comes after the summer. Ashar and Shrabon are the months of the rainy seasons. In fact rain sets in our country in the middle of june and lasts up to the middle of September. In the rainy season the sky is overcast with deep black clouds. The sun can hardly be seen. The rivers are full to the brim. If there is sufficient rain, the joys of the farmers know no bound. They plough their lands and sow seeds in time. Our farmers can not reap a good harvest if it does not rain in time. Rain water washes away the filth and clears the atmosphere. The rainy seasons has some demerits too. Sometimes it rains heavily for days together. Heave rainfall causes flood. Flood brings about untold sorrow, sufferings and miseries. There is water everywhere. Roads become muddy. People can not go out. Different diseases like malaria, diarrhea, dysentery break out in an epidemic from. They take away many lives. The rainy season is the most important and useful season in our country. Agriculture which is the life blood of our economy depends on this rain.

The Rainy Season of Bangladesh
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Bangladesh is a land of six seasons. The rainy in one of the them. It comprise the Bengli month of Ashar and Sravan. After a long spell of hot weather, the rainy season comes with showers to cool the earth. Our economy, culture and way of life are loosely related to it.  The rainy season is caused by monsoon. The south west monsoon that a bole over Bangladesh from the Bay of Bengal brings many vapors with it. As a result, there occurs heavy rainfall during the monsoon in our country. During the rainy season the sky often remains overcast with thick black lauds that cover across the sky close to the earths suffers surface. Violent blasts of wind blow, lighting, flasher and thunder roar. The sun remains hidden behind of the clouds and it rains in torrents. Sometimes, there is continuous rain for days together. The low lying lands go under water and look like a vast sheet of water. The rainy season undoubtedly does must good to us. Name assumes a new appearance at the advent of the rainy season. The landscape appears green. The rainwater washes away the filth and purifies the surface of the earth. It lessons the intense heat of summer. It makes our land alluvial, fertile and suitable for growing better crops. The atmosphere becomes clean and free of dust. The rainy season in not an unmixed blessing all the times. It has disadvantage too. During the season the roads in the countryside become muddy and slippery and as such people can not go from one place to other place foot easily. Sometimes heavy rainfall overflows the banks of the rivers and causes floods, which damage our crops, cattle, houses and properties. But whatever the demerits of the rainy season, it is the most important and useful season in our country. The prosperity and development of our agriculture, which is the heart of our economy largely, depend on the mercy of the rainy season. The people of Bangladesh always welcome it and like to enjoy its beauty.

Album Name: Flower In Rainy Season
Created: 2010-03-23 22:03:08
Photography By: Mostafiz Mamun | Total Photos: 10
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About Album: Flower is one of a best thing in the world. In Bangladesh lots of flowers are available. Specially in the rainy season some special flower are found such as beli,chapa,dolan chapa,kadam etc. We are given some of that flower in this gallery |

Allamanda | Thi Orchid | Padma |
yellow-KRISHNOCHURA | Sonalu-(Cassia-fistula) | Rose |
Red Rose | morning-glory | Dragonfly--05 |
Dragonfly--04 | | |
Cloudy Sky in Rainy Season
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Cloudy Sky in Rainy Season|
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