The Rain

Topics: Ramen, Instant noodles, English-language films Pages: 3 (1153 words) Published: January 29, 2013
The rain. The hurricane. That’s where it all began. The rain was so heavy that the whole city was flooded. Not just “get your shoes wet” flooded, no, more like Noah’s Ark flooded. And this right here litterally poured fear on all walks of life. For the Lockness Swimming Chair Monster has been waiting centuries for humans would be held captive by its natural habitat. As dusk began to set it, the Lockness Swimming Chair monster, or LSCM for short, began its hunt. Its first victim, a 7 year old girl, desperetly tried to swim away but would never make it back home. It was tragic to witness. Its first taste of blood and now it craved more. As the city saw no hope, the mortality rate continued to rise. Who was to save them? Well.. That would be me. My name is Lt. Jackson, an ex Navy soldier retired from the frontline. I was 7 months in, but any soldier knows you can never stay comfortable. I’m currently in hiding inside the attic of an half submerged house. I’ve spent 12 days in here with dry Ramen Noodles as my only food source. My time has been utilized to making any type of weapons to possibly destroy this beast. Luckily, my prayers has always been answered for whoever owned this house must’ve have done military duty themselves. An out dated but operational M-16 was acommpanied by a large supply of ammo. Otherwise impossible to have if it was an ordinary pedestrian, there was a supply of grenades, flash bombs, and remote-operated C4 almost 5 years old. I set some C4 around the attic door and window for protection. Its 6p.m now and its now dusk. LSCM takes its routine route through the city finding victims to devour. I grab the M-16, 2 flash bombs, and a granade and feetle positioned myself in the corner farthest away from the window. Silence but the quiet moving waters fill the room. All of sudden I feel a soft thud. Maybe it was just deebri hitting the house again. It grows silent again. BOOM! The impact violently shook the whole house, knocking me over. I got...
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