The Railway Children

Topics: Rail transport in fiction, E. Nesbit, The Railway Children Pages: 4 (1246 words) Published: April 7, 2013


* Two weeks later, the children write a message on another white sheet to tell the old gentleman that their mother is getting better. * When the children tell their mother what they have done, she is very angry. She does not like the children to ask strangers for things. * Mother writes a letter to the old gentleman to thank him. * The next day is Bobbie’s birthday. Her family plan a surprise party for her. * Everyone gives Bobbie a present. Peter gives Bobbie half his toy steam engine. * That night, Bobbie goes downstairs to get her presents. She sees her mother looking unhappy. Bobbie returns to her room sadly. * The next day, Bobbie takes Peter’s engine and goes to the place where the trains stop. * Bobbie gets onto a train engine to speak to the train driver. The train moves and Bobbie falls onto a pile of coal. * Bobbie cries in fright. The driver and the fireman calm her down and ask her why she is there. * Bobbie shows them the broken toy engine and asks them if they can help to mend it. They say they can. * After that, Bobbie enjoys her ride on the train. At Stackpoole Junction, the railwaymen put her on a train back home. * Bobbie tells no one about her ride.

* Some weeks later, Bobbie takes her brother and sister to meet the driver and fireman. Peter is excited to see his engine mended. * Only then does Bobbie tell them about her ride.


* One day, the children take a walk along the top of the hillbeside the railway line. * Suddenly, they hear a noise and see half the hillside crash down onto the railway line below. * The children realise that the 11.29 a.m. train is in danger. * They use the girls’ red petticoats to make six flags to warn the train. * The train comes down the track too fast. Bobbie is afraid that it will not see them. She runs onto the line waving two flags....
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