The Rabbits Who Cause All the Trouble Written by James Thurber

Topics: Lie, Fable, James Thurber Pages: 1 (263 words) Published: October 24, 2010
The fable “The Rabbits Who Cause All the Trouble” written by James Thurber is very deceiving in ways that the rabbits and wolves were given unique personality traits that are not usually associated with these animals. For example the wolves being scared of other animals and feared, their ability to lie to other animals to create a hatred for rabbits and their ways of being very clever are very unusual for these animals. The rabbits were also quite deceiving in that they had a desire to run away to a desert island and the ability to create such horrific behaviors.

Throughout this assignment I had many different positions on what this story really meant, until I came to the conclusion that the wolves were treating the rabbits in a stereotypical way. The wolves were almost prejudice against the rabbits, in the way in which if anything went wrong it was blamed on the rabbits. This is shown by the relationship between the earthquakes and the floods with the rabbits. The rabbits often had other alliances on their side, but it was never enough to convince the wolves. I feel that the rabbits are treated like a human minority and are eventually going to be overtaken, as you can tell by the quote “This is no world for escapists.” This fable is a way in which the author can indirectly criticize, and hopefully change the way of lives for many. To end my opinion and feelings on this fable I feel the wolves are the white men and the rabbits are the blacks.
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