The Rabbits, by Shaun Tyrell

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National Heart Foundation:
When it started:
Established in Australia in 1959.
Vision: To reduce suffering and death from heart, stroke and blood vessel disease in Australia. Mission: For Australians to have the best cardiovascular health in the world.

Key Area’s and strategy:
To support the delivery of our vision and mission we will focus on six key areas: * Help all Australians to achieve a healthy weight
* Help all Australians to identify and understand the warning signs of a heart attack * Inform and educate women about their risk of cardiovascular disease and the steps they can take to prevent it * Help all Australians to have improved access to prevention and treatment * Increase our commitment to supporting research as well as using quality research in all of our work and * Increase funds raised

Australian Guide to Healthy Eating:

When it started: It was established in 1993 for all of Australia.

Vision and mission:
The Australian Guide to Healthy Eating is primarily concerned with physical health. Its purpose is to provide information about the kinds of foods to choose in your diet each day. The word diet is often taken to mean ‘special’ diets or‘weight-reducing’ diets. It has been developed for the Australian Government Department of Health and Ageing to help Australians choose a healthy diet using a variety of foods.


When it started:
Cancer Council Victoria and the Victorian Health Promotion Foundation first funded SunSmart in 1988 in Victoria. On 12 September 2010, looking not a day over 30, Sid the Seagull made a 'birthday' appearance as the SunSmart program celebrated three decades of the iconic Slip! Slop! Slap! Campaign.

Vision and Mission:
SunSmart aims to minimise the human cost of skin cancer in Victoria. We have also taken a leadership role promoting a balance between the benefits and harms of ultraviolet (UV) radiation exposure and the links with vitamin D. The Victorian Health Promotion Foundation (VicHealth) and Cancer Council Victoria jointly fund SunSmart. In 2004 we were appointed the World Health Organization (WHO) Collaborating Centre for UV Radiation. Aims and strategies:

* lobbying for increased funding for public education campaigns, especially television advertising * investing in initiatives for adolescents and young adults given their low compliance with sun protective measures and higher sunburn incidence on summer weekends * focusing on settings and activities where people mostly get burnt, including sport, water/beach-related activities and active and passive recreation * improving environmental protection strategies, such as shade audits, options for built and natural shade and promoting the SunSmart UV Alert * focusing on communicating with sections of the community more likely to be at risk of vitamin D deficiency * continuing to deliver core activities such as working with schools, early childhood services, workplaces, local government, sporting organisations and communities educating and promoting UV protection and early detection of skin cancer. Quit

When it stared:
Was established in 1985 by the Minister of health in Victoria. Vision and Mission:
We listen to and lead the community in ensuring the massive cost and harm caused by tobacco is understood and is high on the agenda of decision makers and the public. We work with scientific rigour, professionalism, independence and integrity to develop, run and advocate evidence-based strategies in the form of laws, policies, programs and services that are responsive to the evolving needs of the whole community. In collaboration with local, national and international partners we increase understanding of the harms and addictive nature of tobacco and strive to overcome the powerful forces that promote tobacco use.

* Reduce smoking prevalence by: 
- encouraging and assisting smokers to quit 
- preventing uptake of smoking
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