The Question of God

Topics: Human, Religion, Morality Pages: 4 (1300 words) Published: September 25, 2008
Just like Freud who says that worldview is created by family so is mine. Since I was younger my father and grandfather has taught me many different things in many different aspects of life. Like all the years my father taught me be open to every sport because he was my coach and ever since I was little he would always teach me to become a better athlete. My grandfather taught me to always to work hard at everything such as sports but more importantly school because you will never accomplish anything without hard work. So it was only fitting that my father and grandfather was the one who made me the see the world in a different way. They taught me to treat everyone with respect no matter what race or religion. I have always learned from them not to treat people differently because of the race or religion either. He has taught me to be proud of who I am and my heritage. Since my father and grandfather were in the Air Force and Army they taught me to support what soldiers at war even if you’re for or against the war he showed me that you should care for the men and woman fighting for our freedom. All of these examples are the ways my father and grandfather have helped me see the world differently.

Moral code can come from many various things throughout some one’s life. It could come from family, sports, school, or yourself. Lewis feels that conscience plays a major role in some one’s moral code and I would have to agree with this statement. He says that a human being needs to live with all his decisions based on his or her conscience. There is a universal moral code that carries over to all cultures. This includes being truthful and honest, respecting others and respecting human life itself. I feel that my moral code comes from my family and from sports even more specifically my coaches. It comes from my family because my parents have always taught me to respect everyone and everything in life, but they also never taught me to fear anything either....
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