The Quest for Perfection

Topics: Intelligence, Gifted education, Intellectual giftedness Pages: 3 (1055 words) Published: July 21, 2010
Perfection happens when you are flawless, like a perfect score on a test. Perfection can also be the sound of your baby’s first cry. Sometimes being perfect is the friend that is there when you need them. Sometimes you fit a dress perfectly. Perfection is not something you can be, it is something you do, or how something is described. Allan Mallinger explains how most define perfection:

Some see perfectionism as a laudable, uncompromising insistence on doing any piece of work well or a need to produce a flawless product or service. To others, it is a troublesome pickiness or inclination to criticize, making the perfectionist a difficult supervisor, spouse, or parent. Still others view perfectionists as "neat freaks" who spend inordinate time and energy on cleaning, straightening, or organizing their homes or possessions. (103)

To use Mallinger’s definition, perfection is a wonderful way of life. You get to have a beautiful existence, with everything in its place. If you strive for perfection, you surround yourself with perfection because you demand it. Too bad life is not like that. For many people, trying to be perfect often only causes them hardship, with the goal never met. Girls are often the hardest hit, with parents telling them to focus on what they can achieve rather who they are, and what makes them unique. This leads many into trying to control their bodies and getting the perfect hair, perfect makeup, and perfect body. Perfect body translates for many young girls into skinny. If people do not tell you you have the perfect body, you are not skinny enough, therefore not trying hard enough, which can lead to an eating disorder. Another problem with trying to be perfect is at some point you realize you are not. Then you get depressed, and become that much more obsessive about being perfect. It becomes an ugly cycle that leads to poor self-esteem and depression. It is even worse when someone you trust holds you to the impossibly high standard of...
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