The Quarrel

Topics: English-language films, Brother Bear 2, Michael Clarke Duncan Pages: 2 (758 words) Published: March 4, 2013
The Quarrel
A Short Story:

Hello, My name is Nigel, I'm 9 years old, and one day I am going to be the world's greatest explorer! I live deep in Wisteria Forest with my Mummy, Daddy,my baby brother and my best friend and exploring buddy-my dog Felix as well as all the animals that live in the forest. I had this whole week off from school so Felix and I would go exploring in the forest everyday! Mummy lets me go because she knows the animals of wisteria forest are gentle and woud never hurt me. But, yesterday was different. Yesterday I witnessed a most fantastic BEAR Quarrel! Usually Felix and I would go exploring after breakfast but yesterday we decided to leave at the crack of dawn instead! We sneaked out of my bedroom really quietly, then I double checked my explorer's kit making sure it was fully equipped with a compass,binoculars,flash light,a packet of crisps(don't tell mum!),dog biscuits,scissors, a rope,a bottle of water and my favorite book about animals. Just like that Felix and I were off! The sun was streaming in through the thick canopy of trees, the forest was waking up! The dew stained grass was glistening in the sun like a thousand diamonds had been sprinkled on the grass. Felix and I bounded through the forest- we were free. We then reached a clearing that wasn't very familiar to me. There was a rustle of leaves and a cool breeze...Felix's ears perked up. Then we heard a growl. We followed the sound then we saw them. A short distance away from us were two gigantic brown Bears! We quickly scurried to the nearest tree crouching behind it, we watched.... “YOU STOLE MY HONEY!” Roared the bigger browner bear-I called Fred. “I..I...I...didn't I swear!” Said the smaller lighter bear- I called Sam. YOU DID and now your DENYING IT TOO?!”thundered Fred lunging at Sam “AAARRRGGHHH” Roared Fred tugging Sam's ears.”DON'T LIE TO ME YOU BARNACLE BRAINED BAFOON!” “I..I..I'm not lying..please I'm not. I would never take your Honey.. why would I take your...
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