The Quality of a Successful Business Letter

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  • Published : March 23, 2012
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A business letter is a formal written letter from one business to another and the main feature of this letter is that it transfers a business message. They are written for many purposes, that purpose may be to enquire about a quote, to make an order, a recovery letter or even a letter of complaint.

Business letters should be clear an concise, they should be easy to comprehend, with the use of difficult words to a minimum, also a business letter should be balanced, unbiased, and possess a complimentary appearance. It must be clear, with short paragraphs, composed of short sentences, with a friendly tone. The letter should show accuracy, ambition, confidence, honesty and courtesy.

The essential parts of a successful business letter are:

Heading, Date, Reference, Inside Address, Subject, Solution, Body of letter, Complimentary close, Signature, Enclosures, Copy circulation and post script.

We can classify the qualities of a successful business letter into two main categories, these are:

* Inner qualities
* Outer qualities

Inner qualities- refers to the language used and the presentation. Examples of these are:

Simplicity- It should use simple language and steer away from the use of difficult words.

Clarity- The recipient should be able to comprehend the letter instantly, easily and correctly. The letter should be perceived in the same manner in which the sender intends it.

Accuracy- It should be free of errors in grammar, spelling and punctuation.

Completeness- The letter should only provide essential information required to the recipient.

Relevance- The letter should contain only relevant information, as irrelevant information could alter the intent or the expected result.

Chronology- It should follow a simple format that directs the attention to the result you intend. It should start with a statement of why the letter is being sent, include specifics to the purpose of the...
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