The Quality of Healthcare in the United States

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Aneki Floyd

HCA305: The U.S. Health Care System

Instructor: Lori Elmore

February 13, 2012



The establishment of policies and procedures should decrease premature death and uplift the

quality of life, which defines the quality of health care. The quality of health care will present a ideal of

professional staff that is full of medical care and medical managers that are able to provide the most

advanced equipment. Providing quality health care so that the average person can afford to be taken

care of medically. Where there is an absence of quality affordable health care this is a void in quality

procedures. There are many factors that can affect the quality of health care such as, the comparison of

quality health care in The United States and other industrialized nations, the process of data in

health care delivery outcomes, judgment of physicians, Managed Care Organization, and medical


The United States spends more government money annually on healthcare expenses than any

other industrialized country. As a recent article from Health Affairs stated, “The United States now

spends well over twice the median expenditure of industrialized nations and healthcare, and far more

than any other country as a percentage of its gross domestic product(GDP). The United States does

little better in international comparison of mortality. Americans live 5.7 fewer years of “perfect

health” a measure adjusted for time spent ill-than other nations (Muennig, P. A. & Glied, S.A. 2010).”

The U.S. is the only country that is wealthy, but do not consist of a Universal Healthcare. Universal

Healthcare is an organized healthcare system that provides universal coverage for all citizen of a

society to utilize for health financing and service provision. Universal Healthcare in many other nations

include a non-profit social insurance program that covers everyone, participated by all citizens, and set

prices for medical care. Since the U.S. does not enforce Universal Healthcare benefits this affect the


quality of its healthcare system. The lack of access along with poor efficiency are the main cases

why the U.S. ranks last in the quality of healthcare than any other nations. The United States does not

hold an positive overall average within the ties between patients and physician practices, which can

serve as an long-term medical home. In many industrialized nations such as the United Kingdom, the

government has a high level of involvement in delivering a large capacity of healthcare services and

access is based upon the rights of residence and not on the purchase of medical insurance. Indeed, the

U.S. allocate a large amount of medical expense so that the health system can be used, but its citizen

can barely afford to receive it. There are industrialized countries that spends less money on healthcare

and are able to provide proper medical care toward its consumers at a reasonable cost. Healthcare cost

has caused the U.S. Government to find ways to reduce the expense of medical care to better assist its

citizens by using Medicare and Medicaid insurance for those with low-income. Even though, Medicaid

and Medicare are applicable unlike other nations everyone do not qualify for them. Poverty alone

cannot embrace the apprehension of such great health insurance benefits for many low-income patients

in the United States. The Medicaid and Medicare recipients income must remain at a certain percentage

in order to maintain the insurance offered, which means there are many people who exceed the

percentage amount that do not qualify. This can also affect the quality of healthcare service in the U.S.

compared to other countries....
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