The Quality Management in Business

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In this assignment I will try to discuss about how Quality Management helps in Hospitality industry. Quality is a main part of any business providers. Concept of Quality Management is creating and implementing quality planning authority, as well as control and improve the quality. They can help to improve efficiency and best practice to fellow workers. As well as it is very important element to identify customer’s satisfaction and expectation.

Task 1 Understand the different approaches to quality management appropriate to commercial operations. 1.1 Discuss definition of quality in terms of business and services provision. The quality can be defines relatively concept of something linked with goods and services that provided by organization to their customers. Whatever the service or goods that organization provides it will meet all requirements, to achieve the level of the best quality. If those characteristics do not meet all requirements, there will be poor quality is achieved. The word quality is decidedly much used in most of the companies; it can be food, trade and services sectors. For a success of any business you have to control the quality of goods and services. This achieves customer satisfaction and long term benefits for the organization and team members. It controls the repair or renew of the product. Also it is a way of achieving the company goals process the people achieving the right thing done by the first time. It reduces stress and waste too. A Quality can be different by person to person and different products or services. Quality has divided into two types:

* Internal quality this can be mainly concerned by improvement of the organization and the employee. * External quality this can be concerned of customer satisfaction and their expectation.

1.2 Illustrate the process of inspection and assurance. It is necessary to maintain the quality throughout the operation of business. To maintain the quality throughout the operations of business it is essential to establish quality management tools. These ensure that the benchmark for the quality outcomes has been followed all the times. Various tools are used in order to maintain study on the quality. Inspection

An Inspection is, most generally, review of performance level of the business or organization. In activities assessment involves the evaluation, analysis and gauges applied to specific action in regard to an object or activity. This can be examined by internally or externally being. It is also state of getting know quality of your business. Quality Assurance

Quality assurance refers Quality to the processes that consistently monitor different aspects of a service, interest or ability to identify, supervise and ensure that grade levels are being met. Quality assurance will help to eliminate defective products and bring up customer satisfaction. * ISO 9002

TQM is used on the base of quality such as ISO 9002 this achieves customer satisfaction and long term benefits for the organization and team members. Many organization concentrates on buying things like ISO certification. It controls the repair or renew of the product.

* BS 5750
This is one of the British Standard on quality system. It is also equivalent in European and in the International Standards Organization.

* Mass production
This production also knows as flow production, is a method of producing a high volume of production has produced at low cost per unit or frequently utilizing assembly line. Although allowing the low prices, does not have to mean the poor quality production. It refers to the process of creating a large number of similar products efficiently.

1.3 Discuss a range of approaches to quality management. There are some quality tool can be used for quality improvement and to run the successful organization. They can be Kaizen, lean tool and techniques and quality circle. The heart of the work of Dr. Juran was one...
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