The Qualities of Good Teachers

Topics: Education, Teacher, Profession Pages: 3 (869 words) Published: March 6, 2013
Nabras Abdulrahman.
Composition #2.
The Qualities of Good Teachers
Have you ever seen or talked with stars? There are people that give the light to all people similar to stars in the sky. Teachers are the stars of people’s lives because they shine their paths. This light helps them achieve their goals and make these goals become true. The teacher is the greatest profession because other professions depend on it. Doctors cannot be doctors if there are no teachers who teach them how to diagnose and treat diseases. Engineers cannot be engineers if there are no teachers who teach them how to design, build, and create. Manufacturers need teachers to teach them how they manufacture things. Even farmers cannot grow plants without learning how to take care of plants and deal with plant diseases. In other words, teachers are bridges who help people to reach their professions. Therefore, good teachers should have special values, characteristics, and goals. Honesty, equality, and punctuality are the most important values that teachers should have. Honesty has a great impact on students’ behaviors. When the teachers are honest, students will trust them. The more trust teachers give their students, the more good work they will receive from those students. Because that will make students like the classes more and more, so they will try to do their best as much as they can. Equality is an important value that good teachers should have as well. Good teachers should treat all students equally. They should give attention and care for every student, and they should not favor one student over the other. It does not matter their races, nationalities, genders, or religions. For example, teachers should give all students the same chance in doing a test. Everyone should know when the test is going to be, so everyone should have the same chance to succeed. If they give one student another opportunity to do a test, they have to give all students the same...
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