The Qin Dynasty Essay

Topics: Qin Shi Huang, Great Wall of China, Qing Dynasty Pages: 2 (427 words) Published: October 27, 2011
Dynasty Essay
The Qin Dynasty
The first Emperor of China. The consequences of his work ensued in the unification of China. He had an ambition for immortality. Further, Ying Zheng or better known as Qin Shi Huang was an Emperor like no other; he was truly an epoch-making to China’s culture and history. From 221B.C. to 207B.C. Qin made many contributions to China. He ordered the construction of the Great Wall to protect from the Mongols. This structure took about 2000 years to finish. Moreover, Qin wanted to be immortal so he commanded the built of the Terra-Cotta Warriors. These warriors were supposed to assist him govern in the afterlife. His reign was one of the first to make great changes to China. This changes include; politics, economy, military, and culture. Next, Qin became the first emperor of China. Also, he was the first emperor to unite China. During this time he standardized weights and measures. He commanded that the Ban-Ling coin should be use. Furthermore, he burnt many books in fear that they would affect how people think. In accordance, he buried many scholars alive, because they had knowledge about the books. Qin was a self-centered man. While struggling with enemies, Qin ordered the construction of a structure that now is one of ancient wonders of the world. The Great Wall of China took about 2000 year to build. This structure was to protect the country from the Mongols. In addition, the protection had to be continuously, so they used smoke and mirror signal to communicate. With 1500 miles long this structure was nearly enough to defend from invaders. The Great Wall was later completed in the Ming Dynasty. Correspondingly, it is known for the longest cemetery on Earth. Qin Shi Huang always wanted to be immortal. He hired lots of doctors to search for an elixir to make him immortal. The elixir is said to have traces of mercury. It is believed the potion killed him. Moreover, he orders indiscretion, to build of an...
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