The Pyramid of Gaza

Topics: Great Pyramid of Giza, Ancient Egypt, Egyptian pyramids Pages: 3 (956 words) Published: May 7, 2013
Strayer University White Marsh Campus
Nadine Mandevu
Professor: Peter LENYEE
HUM 111 –World Cultures I
February 03, 2013
Assignment 1: The Pyramid of Gaza

The Great pyramids of Egypt are as appealing and alluring, as they are wonderful. There have been various debates, suggestions and speculations historians and researchers of Egypt about who built the pyramid and why it was built (its purpose). Over the years, quite a number of theories in relation to the construction of the Great Pyramid of Giza have been propounded by different authors. These theories include; the theory that it is a stone form of the Bible, a possible way to contact a Higher Being, that the pyramid was a tomb for a great king, that it was a special chemical factory, an inspiration for extraterrestrial aircraft's. According to Schillings (1999) “the pyramid is a stone message of the second coming of Christ...” The following paragraphs will focus on real It is this numerous and varied theories that generated the mystery surrounding the Great Pyramid of Giza. It is speculated that an Egyptian named Khufu was the principal person who built that Great Pyramid of Giza according to the Quarter Dynasty "...the year 2560 BCE..." (Schillings, M.:1999: Sheet1) The speculation goes further to say that it was as a result of civilization that Egyptians were able to establish a complex and an organized work force of people who erected an amazing burial tomb for the pharaoh to aid his journey to the afterlife. Nevertheless, the attitude and traditional Egypt show that the contemporary Egyptians persist in trusting on the existence of Giza Pyramid and make this proposition rather questionable. The prolonged spread of Egyptian word of mouth from one generation to the next has Egyptians got believing that the entire civilization is somehow superior in status to that of the average mortal man. Surely, in these modern times, there has been an increase in the...
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