The Pursuit of a Dream- the Falling Girl by Buzzati

Topics: Woman, Corriere della Sera, Girl Pages: 3 (1002 words) Published: September 23, 2008
When I read the story of “The Falling Girl,” I instantly fell in love with its obscurity and direct human content. Since I, too, have an Italian heritage, I feel that this author and I were meant to get to know one another. I was glad to be introduced to this major writer.

Upon further research of Buzatti, I found him to be quite a renaissance man. He worked as journalist for Corriere Della Sera in Milan from the age twenty-two. These experiences as a journalist aided in his insightful knowledge of human nature and stories that deal with life. When asked about his fiction he explained that “fantasy should be as close as possible to journalism.” Perhaps he gained some insight for this story that involved young women and Italian society. Buzatti takes what he sees in the world and rewrites it as a figment of his imagination. I most certainly enjoy his writing style and detailed descriptions.

This failure of our society concerning young women can be seen in Hollywood obsession culture in the United States. Young adults and teens, most often women, find the spotlight enjoying the temptations of the higher life. We are inundated with Paris Hilton, Britney Spears, and Lindsay Lohan and their latest antics. While we may think there they go “those spoiled celebrities are at it again,” yet when we are exposed to these sensationalized reports, some of us feel a slight twinge of envy as we observe the glamorous lives of the rich and famous. Much like the character Marta, we can be caught up in the lure of the limelight and privileged lives of the rich, losing sight of what is important in our own lives. Too much of American society is obsessed with the feeling that materialistic possessions will make us happy and successful, but this fixation can blind us, causing us to lose focus on what is meaningful to us. Possibly Buzatti created Marta in “The Falling Girl” as a reminder to those young women of the early to mid 20th century how easy it is to lose...
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