The Pursuit of Happyness

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  • Published : August 30, 2013
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What is Happiness? Why do people need to be happy? Does happiness affects a person’s way of thinking in everyday life? Why do people need to be happy? Can we be happy without struggling for it? How can we achieve our own happiness? What do we need to do for us to be happy even though we face problems in life? For me, being happy is like catching a fish in the sea. You have to catch these fishes so you’ll have food to eat. When you eat, of course you’ll survive. You’ll survive because you make effort of catching the fishes for you to be eaten. This means that we can never achieve our own happiness without facing through a lot of challenges. In the movie “The Pursuit of Happiness”, the main character, Chris Gardner faces a lot of problems before he has met his own happiness. At first, he thought that by only selling their bone density scanner can help them live every single day. He’s just contented on this kind of living. Sell one, eat some. When he was not able to sell one, his family will not have some food. Because of this kind of living, problems come out just like minutes of his life. His life got tired of their everyday live, she wanted a better life for her family so she left Chris and brought their son with her. Chris thought that he can still provide his son’s everyday needs so he got his son back from her wife. Without assurance of having food for his son, he should have let his wife to have their son. Their son is just 5 years old so he is so curious why his mother left. Before he even found for a better solution of his family’s problem than only selling this machine, another problem has come. He was not able to sell any of these machines so they don’t have money to buy foods and also he was not able to pay for the rent of their house. Most of the people should have given up from the first time that his wife left him. But because of his hopes and dreams for his son, he has done this he never thought he can do. Searching for a better life for his son,...
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