The Pursuit of Happiness

Topics: Maslow's hierarchy of needs, Abraham Maslow, Motivation Pages: 2 (492 words) Published: March 8, 2013
The Pursuit of Happiness (Self – Concept Seminar)

I think the tittle of the movie was chosen because throughout the movie, Mr. Gardener was on a quest to be happy. In the beginning of the movie it showed Mr. Gardener and his wife at a very happy stage in their lives. When things didn’t go so well, his wife abandoned him and his son. I think Mr. Gardener just wanted to get back to the point of his life where he could provide for his family. At the end of the movie the Pursuit of Happiness was achieved even after all the struggles he went through. In my opinion, Mr. Gardener started off very low in the Physiological needs. He wasn’t doing any business selling the machines that he had invested his money in and his wife just kept kicking him lower and lower .His safety needs are met by the couple of machines that he does sell. With that money he buys food and pays the bills when he can .His Sense of Love and Belonging doesn’t exist because of his wife but his son makes up for that and gives him a purpose .The Self-Esteem Level is on an all time high for Mr. Gardener because he believes he can do anything . He stays determined to do all the things that he knows he’s full capable of doing .Mr. Gardeners Needs to Know and Understanding is tested when he places himself in danger. When Mr. Gardener’s son was taken from him, he was knocked back down to the bottom of Maslow’s Pyramid but at the same time his belonging was there because he was offered a job. Mr. Gardeners Self Actualization changed when he found out he was getting no salary for this new job he was starting. Mr. Gardener probably grew up thinking that no one loved him and his Self Esteem was low. This only made him a stronger man and more determined to do the right thing for his son. His ability to learn was very high and his skills were about average. He did overcome the disadvantage he had over the rest of his peers because of that determination. With that determination he finally...
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