The Pursuit of Happiness

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  • Published : January 15, 2013
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The Pursuit of Happiness
"Money can't buy friends. But you can afford a better class of enemy." (Mancroft, Lord). In my opinion this quote holds great relevance in reference to the article “Money and the Meaning of Life” by Bill Taylor. The first paragraph in question raises a few interesting questions. “How is it that brilliant people with more money than they'll ever need allow their hunger for even more money to cause them to lose everything?” (Taylor, Bill), the author asks. Later then referring to money as alluring presenting questions about why do people with a great amount of money seem so unhappy. I agree this collapse happens quite often, but I do not agree that it is the pursuit of money that causes this collapse. In my mind it is the pursuit of success that causes this collapse. Once you get a taste of success, the more and more you need to feel like your moving forward and prospering. That being said money and financial status, in my mind, is a byproduct of success. I can see how this misconception can lead to the thought of the pursuit of money leading to losing everything. Another interesting question presented is “how much is enough?” (Taylor, Bill), can you put a number on it? Or is the presents of more to enticing to handle?

The author turns to a book to answer these questions. I believe there is no ‘answer’ to these questions seeing as it is an opinion. The author could gain perspective into the relationship between money and happiness, forming his viewpoint around the relationship, but to say he has an answer to these questions is groundless. I am interested in the authors’ explanation about how the people in their twenties and thirties deal with the increase in income.

Yes, the economy has been through many ups and downs. This volatility, in my mind, may influence how people view the role of money in ones life. An increase of money can make ones life less stressful in some ways, especially in a struggling economy. Again I am enticed to...
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