The Purpose of School

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  • Published : May 12, 2011
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The purpose of this school study is to show the philosophical, historical, and sociological theory/perspective I observed in The Lion of Judah Christian Academy. I start my day by walking into a school full of school spirit and pride. The environment is rich and full of life; the students are encouraged to engage their abilities to the greatest extent possible, by taking risk and building knowledge and skill in a safe, flexible environment. The students engage in the school pledge in response to the Director of the school Ms. Weston in this manner … Ms. Weston:“What school do you go to?

Students:“The Lion of Judah Christian Academy”.
Ms. Weston:“What are you destined to do”?
Student:“To make an impact wherever we go.”
Ms. Weston:“How do you make an impact?”
Students:“With God as our guide, knowledge as our stride and confidence as our pride, we are destined to be achievers, we said it, and we believe it and it is so!

The Lion of Judah Christian Academy is open from 7:30am – 6:00pm and it is located in the Bronx, NY. LOJCA was birth out of the educational experiences of its founder Monique Weston. She desires to establish a school in which quality education is the forefront of teaching and learning. LOJCA is a place where, educational experience is the driving force in which all students are motivated. LOJCA exists to bring out the achiever in every child with faith, tenacity and determination. I am observing a class of two and three year olds called the Discoverers, which contain fourteen students, one head teacher and two assistant teachers. The classroom is filled with life and energy, there is a burst of color on the door and inside the classroom almost every inch is covered and decorated with bright paper and boarder. Each student has a cubby labeled with their name. There is also a basket on the cubby filled with weekly homework packets. Across from the locker is a bookshelf that holds materials such as tissue, hand soap, hand sanitizer, construction paper, loose-leaf, pencils, etc. There is a computer table with a computer and printer labeled “computer” and two blue chairs. The class is split into two sections, the two year old section and the three year old section. There are four different shape tables in the classroom with the students name labeled on the table where each individual student sits. The three years olds sit on the side of the classroom that has a rectangle table with four yellow chairs, a square table with two blue chairs and two red chairs, and a circle table with two smaller red chairs. The two year olds sit at a “U” shaped table with six smaller yellow chairs. The room functions with different centers; the space is used to its full capacity. Circle Time takes place on a rug and the wall is cover from top to bottom with information that students learn daily. Large uppercase letters of the alphabet boarder the wall, at the top on the wall the number 2010 stands out with bright colors, under the number 2011 is a sign that reads “Classroom Rules”. Near the bottom of the wall is the calendar where students can take turns putting up the date, the months, the days of the week and the season accordingly. The library is decorated with bright signs that read “Reading Center”, “Books”, and “Writing Center”. The library has two short bookshelves where books are organized and colored coded. There is also a table in the library with paper, crayons, and other writing material. Next to the library is a small center labeled “Hygienic Care” with tissues and hand sanitizers where the students can blow their nose or clean their hands whenever needed. In the Science Center there is a fish bowl with two fish; the students named one fish blue and the other fish black. Next to the fish bowl are plants that were planted in the beginning of the year and a flower pot the students named Miranda. The students are allowed to take turns caring for the fish and watering the...
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