The Purpose of Client/Server Computing

Topics: User interface, Server, Management Pages: 1 (303 words) Published: January 11, 2012
We are in an era where information technology plays a critical role in business applications, considered as an area an organization would highly invest in order to widen the opportunities available to compete the global market. “A competitive global economy will ensure obsolescence and obscurity to those who cannot or are unwilling to compete”, according to this statement it’s necessary for organizations sustain its market position by re-engineering prevailing organizational structures and business practices to achieve their business goals. In short it’s a basic need to evolve with the change of technological aspects. (slideshare 2011) Therefore organizations should undergo a mechanism to retrieve and process its corporate data to make business procedures more efficient to excel or to survive in the global market. The client/server model brings out a logical perspective of distributed corporative processing where a server handles and processes all client requests. This can be also viewed as a revolutionary milestone to the data processing industry. . (slideshare 2011) “Client/server computing is the most effective source for the tools that empower employees with authority and responsibility.”.(slideshare 2011) “Workstation power, workgroup empowerment, preservation of existing investments, remote network management, and market-driven business are the forces creating the need for client/server computing”. (slideshare 2011) Client/server computing has a vast progression in the computer industry leaving any area or corner untouched. Often hybrid skills are required for the development of client/server applications including database design, transaction processing, communication skills, graphical user interface design and development etc. Advanced applications require expertise of distributed objects and component infrastructures. (slideshare 2011) Most commonly found client/server strategy today is PC LAN implementation optimized for the usage of group/batch....
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