“the Puritans and Sex”, Edmund S. Morgan

Topics: Marriage, Sexual intercourse, Fornication Pages: 2 (772 words) Published: March 19, 2013
“The Puritans and Sex”, Edmund S. Morgan
When the Puritan came to the New World after being rejected in England for their beliefs, they knew the demand of perfection in God’s eyes could never be fully accomplish. Humans could never live up to the standards that God set out. After settling in New England, the Puritan became well aware they needed to have law enforcement with religious obligations, and most importantly the sexual temptations. Knowing that human could never fully obey God’s word and always be tempted, the puritans enforced certain punishments for certain sexual crimes, including fornication, adultery, rape and buggery or sodomy.

In 1630, the Puritan established the Massachusetts Bay Colony to practice and love God in their own way. They had a very strict government, with next to no democracy. They believed in hard work and maintaining education. The members who showed weakness and did not practice self-denial would be punished. They also were punished for being guilty of gambling, drunkenness, or enjoying theatrical performances. The most stricted laws of the Puritans were the objectification of sex. They believe in marriage to be a spiritual partnership and for sex to be a minor part. They became to realize though that human could never be able to abide by the word of Lord since the time of Adam. It is human nature to be tempted and sin. For one example most men to came to the New World at that time left their wife and children back in England and would still have sexual temptations. They knew they had to make adjustments for the community to follow the ways of the religion. They enforced laws and if broken would have severe punishments.

Throughout the years the Puritans they had many court cases due to the laws on sex out of their marriage. A few would be charged between slaves, some for not being married, which would need permission from the master and others cases included the masters or non-slaves taking advantage of them. Other cases...
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