The Puritan Life

Topics: Puritan, Religion, Society Pages: 2 (642 words) Published: April 9, 2013
Puritan life in contrast to the American society in today’s era can be classified into many different categories. From clothes, culture, religion, parenting, and relationships; All is very unique to how it was in the Puritan days were a long time ago. Puritans were had very strict rules and guidelines for having a family where as in today’s society having a family is your own choice, especially when it comes to the way you want to raise the children. Families were watched and observed almost all of the time in Puritan life, so families were always trying to be at their best. People watched to see if everything was going the way it was supposed to or to make sure nothing suspicious was going on. Children were not frequently allowed to play outside or visit other Puritan homes to see friends of their age groups. They were to attend church with their families every day and were watched at home by caretakers while the parents were busy or working. Rarely children would go to school to learn basic skills, but most kids stayed home and were taught what the parents knew. Once the boys were old enough they were expected to help the adults and work on farms ( which was a very common job for them). Before a woman was married most would be servants for other families but once she was married a woman usually was in charge of cleaning the house and keeping the food. They would take of the poultry and dairy, often milking the cows. Some of the time, women made their money by selling their chickens, eggs, butter, beer, and more. They spun wool and wove cloth. Generally, women did house chores and were to obey their husbands (men) who were to be the “good family heads” of the house, treating their wives, children, and families with kindness and fairness. Religion and technology are two other very important differences between modern times and the 1600’s. Technology has advanced to extremes since the Puritans roamed the Earth. Technology and electronics make almost every...
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