The Punk Subculture

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In this essay we have to talk about the identity, but if we want to write about the identity we have first to know about the meanings of agency and structure, all of this is going to be related with the punk subculture. On one hand we start to refer to structure, because we live in a social structure that influence the way of how we have to think and act, so because of this influence we are not totally free, the society limit us. But on the other hand, we can talk about agency, ie, the capacity of the individual to act with autonomy and to make their own choices. To sum up we are saying that he built his own identity, your identity it could be similar to the identity of other person but never it is going to be the same, you create it and you want to be like someone but you have your own DNA and that also influence your identity, all things that are in or out one person configure his identity.

The punk subculture emerged in the United States of America, the United Kingdom and Australia in the middle 1970s. They have many influences, this influences come from several strains of modern art, writers… The word punk is typically used in a derogatory manner, so often has been associated with punk attitudes of personal neglect or has been used as a means of expressing feelings of discomfort and hatred. It begun by the working-class, young people who criticized a declining economy, rising unemployment and they sought a reform.

The punk culture is a subculture characterized by a concern for individual liberty, a revolt against the mainstream society and the dominant culture, they used to be anarchist or marxist. Their common viewpoints include non-conformity, anti-authoritarianism, DIY (Do It Yourself) Ethic, direct action and not selling out.

Ten years later had been many currents derived from the first, the hardcore punk, the streetpunk, celticpunk, cowpunk, anarcho-punk, garage punk, skate punk... So the punk subculture was captured and put in a laboratory, where it was observed and were created by mitosis new forms of the initial subculture, but with their own DNA. The classical subculture died when he became the object of nostalgia and became susceptible to commodification.

Sometimes the opposition by subcultures to stay living in the mainstream of society has been slated as a negative trait, where the real fact is that they are only attempting to find their own identity and meaning. But if we think about the subcultures we can see that they are different of the mainstream, but they are similar ones to each others inside the group, so if you look at them from inside the group they are perceived to be normal, conventional and conformist.

But if we stop to think about the true meaning of punk subculture we will see much more than what history tells us. Emerged in the 70's with the name of punk, but really that ideal exists since the culture does, in the 70’s the only thing that was done was named a pre-existing current of thought. In these years the only thing that changed his image was the homogenization of the current of thought with a type of dress and the association with a type of music that gave its name, punk. This music is totally different to pop in which songs the only thing that is trying to do it’s sell catchy records or love songs, however punk songs looks to convey their political thought, their ideas, trying to get people to realize of the reality, awaken from their dream and begin to be non-conformists, to create their own opinion and conscience.

If we want to focus the essay we have to talk about fashion, and how the fashion influence the people in the conformation of their own identities, however it also help people to express their identity.

“Fashion is a cultural phenomenon. It is concerned with meanings, and with communication. Fashion, thus, concerns the statements that we make, more or less deliberately, with the help of...
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