The Punishments and Laws Associated with Drug Trafficking in the United States

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  • Published : January 6, 2013
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The Punishments and Laws Associated with Drug Trafficking in the United States Wylie Ramos
ENG122: English Composition II
Instructor: Kari Lomanno
December 17, 2012

The Punishments and Laws Associated with Drug Trafficking in the United States Drug trafficking has been a major epidemic throughout the United States. The drug supply and demand creates an environment of greed and malevolence. It has caused countless deaths, destroyed people’s families, careers, and lives by taking them into a destructive path which could have been prevented with the proper guidance and support. It has developed into the most lucrative organized crime operation throughout the United States which has influenced an immeasurable amount of American lives. There are many detrimental aspects that could be discussed in reference to drug trafficking. A specific claim related to this topic that I plan to dispute is how the United States laws are not as strict or severe as they should be. Drug dealers, producers, and suppliers are the primary contributors to drug related deaths but they are not held liable for them. Stringent drug trafficking sentencing and penalties must be immediately implemented in order to ameliorate this issue. The lead U.S. law enforcement agency responsible for enforcing the drug laws of the United States is the Drug Enforcement Agency. They have been at the forefront of United States efforts to work with foreign law enforcement counterparts in confronting the organizations (Perkins & Placido 2010). They prevent criminals from destroying our country since the results of our country’s Zero Tolerance Drug prohibition policies are multifaceted, overlapping, and overwhelmingly negative (Gray 2001). Criminals involved with drug trafficking get punished on the severity of the distribution charge. They should additionally get punished for the lives they affect due to their role in these drug related incidents. Frank Lucas, who once ran a multi-million dollar business smuggling heroin into the United States during the 1960s, was responsible for the deaths of thousands of people who died from overdoses due to the purity of the drug he distributed. He served only 15 years of a 70 year sentence after he became an informant, resulting in 150 multi-defendant cases which included three-quarters of New York's Drug Enforcement Agency, mafia accomplices, corrupt members of the New York police department, and 30 members of his family (A & E Networks, 2012). This is a man liable for a myriad of deaths who has been released by our very own judicial system walking freely amongst the very people he affected. Drug producers, smuggling organizations, and drug traffickers are getting trialed with the exclusion of these malicious acts. If you deal with drugs, and the drugs you sell lead to the deaths of thousands of people, you should be held accountable for these actions. Having more stringent penalties can reduce drug trafficking into the United States because they would now be held accountable for all their actions. The consequences and repercussions that derive from drug trafficking must be incorporated into all legal considerations when imposing a judicial punishment. No matter how harsh these penalties can become, it will not eliminate the problem, but this concept will significantly reduce the number of drug related incidents throughout the United States. Our current feeble laws primarily target the people who are illegally using drugs. The very agencies that are supposed to protect the United States need to focus on how incarcerate the criminals at the top of the chain. They need to target the masterminds who vastly contribute to this problem so we can considerably reduce the flow of drugs into the United States. This will immediately disrupt major drug trafficking organizations, deny drug traffickers, producers, and criminal associates the illicit profits and money laundering activities which feed into these criminal...
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