The Public Needs to Know

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  • Published : March 12, 2012
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The Public Needs to Know
February 19, 2012

Our kids deserve healthier options for school lunches. The health and well-being of future generations is our number one concern and steps are being taken to completely revamp our school lunch program. While the initial costs of this overhaul will be high, we are confident that the overall costs will even out within a few short years and will be only slightly more than today’s lunch costs. With the help of the government funding we are receiving the effect of the rising costs will not affect taxes substantially. We can further offset the rising costs by starting sustainable gardens on campus to provide many of the fruits and vegetables needed in our new menus. This will not only keep cost down but also aid in teaching our students valuable life lessons, as well as being a great educational experience. The changes we are making will improve the lives and health of our students. Today 15% of students ages 6-19 are overweight (, childhood obesity, n.d.). One out of three kids will get type two diabetes (foodsecurity,n.d.).

Image 1. Statistic from foodsecurity,(n.d.).
While we are all concerned about the students we have with allergies we are confident that by adding two or more options we can avoid any allergic reactions. Menus can be sent home mid week so that parents and children can make choices for their meals the next week. This will also make the change less intense for student who may not be used to trying new foods. The process needs to start by removing the current kitchen equipment used for re-heating and replacing it with ovens, stoves and ample counter space to prepare and cook the new healthier meals. The change will require more time and effort from our kitchen staff creating job openings and job security. A new plan will be made with our vendors to get more whole grains, fresh meats as well as fruits and veggies to supplement the supplies we get from our gardens....
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