The Public Needs to Know

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  • Published : December 8, 2012
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The Public Needs to Know|
Sara card|
Neil Conway|
English Composition| 11/8/2012|


The changes to the breakfast and lunch programs to improve nutrition and health are described by economic situation, special needs of the population, the process, and the benefits of the program. Schools made these changes so that we can have a better meal during school and be able to focus more in classes.

The economic situation is to influence of the school breakfast program and national school lunch programs on child weight and academic achievement. They made these changes so the children would get more nutrition and healthier food choices to choose from instead of all the junk food that children are eating these days. Some of the parents were concerned that their kids were not getting the right kind of nutrition food that they deserve to be eating everyday so they can be able to stay awake and focus during classes.

The special needs of the population being served is trying to work with the school board to see what can be done to help the children’s eating choices doing school hours. The school board tried to work with the population as much as they can so that they can fix these problems at school so they can have better nutrition and healthier food in school. The other special needs that they population have is that most of them are on WIC so that they can get food for their houses and it’s a good thing that WIC gives out healthy food for those who need it the most.

The process that was involved with changing the school programs was to make the meals standard and the ability to nutrition standards beyond the lunch line for the first time and putting healthier food choices into the vending machines on all campuses, increased funding for schools to tries to show stronger performance in serving improved meals, common sense pricing...
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