The Public Needs to Know

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The Public Needs To Know
Tristanjay V. Llantada
Dr. Yatia Yasmeen
NOV 19, 2012

The Public Needs to Know
All across America, our youth faces an obesity crisis. But how exactly do we stop this obesity epidemic? It is a fact to anyone that children today are consuming so many snacks and beverages and eating too little nutritious foods. “Currently only 1%-2% of US children meet the recommended Dietary Guidelines for Americans, the national nutrition standards for dietary intake necessary for optimal health” (Crawford, 2011). Children’s intake in nutritional foods doesn’t even come close to the current recommendations. An important way we can provide for our children is give them access to healthier foods.

“The proposed Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010 will do that by making significant improvement to our federally funded school meat program” (Crawford, 2011). This act will have changes to the National School Lunch Program and the National School Breakfast program in which school meals will have the dietary recommendation that is stated in the Dietary Guidelines for Americans. If these standards are proposed, school meals will have more servings of nutritional foods. Examples would be fruit, vegetables, whole grain and nonfat milk. Foods that have more fat, sugar and sodium will have a decrease in servings. Current and Proposed School Meal Requirements: Breakfast | | Current Requirement| Proposed Requirement|

Fruit| 1/2 cup per day| 1 cup per day|
Grains and Meat/Meat Alternate| 2 grains or 2 meat/meat alternates or 1 of each per day| 1.4-2 grains per day plus: 1-2 meat/meat alternates per day
(Range reflects difference by grade group)|
Whole Grains| Encouraged| At least half of the grains to be rich in whole grain| Milk| 1 cup| 1 cup, fat content of milk to be 1% or less| Current and Proposed School Meal Requirements: Lunch |

| Current Requirement| Proposed...
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