The Public Education Funding Dilemma

Topics: High school, College, Education Pages: 3 (939 words) Published: April 5, 2013
Juliet Morgan X00292658
November 1st, 2012
WRIT 121
Mrs. Trevino
Test Scores: Limited By Government Funding
In today’s world, education matters greatly when being considered for a high position job. A high school diploma no longer secures you a job, just as a college degree no longer secures you a job as well. In order to obtain these high position jobs it helps to graduate from a prime university and to get into that prime university a person’s high school test scores, grade point averages, and the high schools ranking are all considered by college academic administrators. However, more and more of these nationally ranked schools are losing their national title and some schools are even closing, but the question is why? Public schools are losing their rankings and closing down due to students low test scores which are caused by the lack of funding given to each school. Schools closings have recently happened locally to make up for Michigan’s deficit, as well as in other states around the country. Take Kansas City for example, a school that is ninety-four years old closed and community members were worried that with the school closing drug dealers and other mischief makers would be attracted to the area (Wagner). Closing schools not only affects our students learning habits and a disruption in their education but it also disrupts the local community surrounding the school as well. In school closings, students are uprooted from a school they are comfortable and familiar with and thrown into a new school with new people and different teaching habits (Carmody). Schools are then forced to increase their teacher to student ratio and as a result many students do not receive adequate attention needed to succeed (Squiers). The schools extra-curricular availability may also be limited due to the limited amount of spots and the resources needed to teach an even larger amount of students are not available due to the schools allowed budget (Squiers). In this the...
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