The Psycological Theory Behind "The Black Swan"

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  • Published : October 11, 2012
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Everyone has their own interpretation and theories behind books, movies, etc. In Darren Aronofsky’s 2010 movie “Black Swan” I believe there are many different theories that could explain what is behind the bazaar psychological thriller. Some people’s theories are behind the mother-daughter relationship which would in Psychological terms deal with attachment. There are also theories behind eating disorders and stress which could cause mental disorders and personality disorders. Are mental illnesses and personality disorders the same? Watching the movie with different theories in mind, I believe that we can roll all the theories into one and come up with one Psychological illness or diagnoses. First let’s start with a quick plot of “Black Swan.” Nina is a talented ballet dancer and frontrunner for the lead role as the Black and White swan (Swan Queen) in the production of Swan Lake. Nina’s life revolves around making the lead role in the production which seems to stress her out and looks like she might have an eating disorder as well. Throughout the movie between the auditions and practicing for the grand performance of the new and improved Swan Lake we get a glimpse of Nina’s private life at home as well as her relationships and social interactions with others. There is the relationship between Nina and her mother which sparks some theory behind Nina’s odd behavior. The relationship between the two seems as though the mother is a bit controlling and treats Nina as a child and also tries to live her life through Nina’s dancing because she failed as a dancer. Next, there is the relationship between Nina and Thomas her ballet director. Thomas knows Nina has what it takes to take the lead in the show but tries to get her to embody the black swan role by trying to get her to loosen up. She is as Thomas describes throughout the movie a frigid little girl. However he does this through seduction, or is that all in her head? And last but not least is the...
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